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Talking points: none is the loneliest number edition

Tennessee football

  • That whole "voluntarily practicing in a numberless jersey" thing for Brandon Warren? Um, not exactly. Unless "voluntarily" means "because the coach said so," because Lane Kiffin thinks that single digit numbers are "a big deal," and Warren didn't deserve one due to some "screwups" that included missing a handful of required commitments in mid-March. Also not true, however, is the earlier report that Warren had considered quitting the team, so woo for that. Note, too, that Lennon Creer, who usually wears the No. 3, is also practicing numberless. And finally, note that both Gerald Jones (No. 4) and Jonathan Crompton (No. 8) both still have theirs.
  • Brent Vinson had successful surgery on that crazy shoulder yesterday and will miss the rest of spring practice. He'll be back in a limited capacity for fall practice but should be ready to go by the time the first game rolls around. Hopefully that won't be too late for the "best athlete on the team."
  • Quintin Hancock, whose name I managed to spell correctly today, has had two good practices in a row. Tuesday, he followed up his Saturday touchdowns with a "huge catch on third down to keep a drive alive."