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The Kiffin Chimera digging the Vol Walk

Kiffin and the Chimera seemed to have a great time on the Vol Walk. Fans neglected the curbs and pressed together leaving just a narrow lane for the team to navigate through, and Kiffin was "blown away" by the environment:

Most of our players have been through this, but for our staff — and I tell you, we’ve had a lot of coaches that have been to a lot of really good places and won a lot of games — but when we got done with that Vol Walk and came in the locker room ... I had some guys come up to me and say, "Man, I’ve never seen anything like that." And these are guys that have been to some really special places, so it was really neat.

The energy out there was unbelievable. I really want to thank our fans. That was exactly what we needed today. We needed that environment, because we needed to find out, amongst our players, who was going to thrive in that environment.

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