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Bruce Pearl Says Thank You

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In the hype of the Orange and White game, I completely missed this.  Pearl gives Tennessee fans a hearty and extended "thank you" for the four seasons of support.  He talks about a lot in two and a half minutes, including Dane Bradshaw, last year's team, the upcoming seasons, the competition in the SEC, and his plans to use the sports website to communicate to fans more frequently.

Unfortunately, UT Sports does not allow embedding of their YouTube videos.  (Boo!)  So you can see it here, which opens in a new window.  It's worth the watch.  Money line:

We're working hard, as we should, to try to maintain a level of competitiveness that we've enjoyed over the last 3 or 4 years.  The bar's going to continue to raise.  Championships are going to continue to be tougher to be had.  But when we win them.  We'll enjoy them all the more.

(Also, the football program can learn a lesson about fitting music to promotional videos from the basketball program.)

More on the Rap

I also didn't realize that SportsCenter did a thorough breakdown of Pearl's rap at the Volscars.  You know, in comparison to the raps from other sports figures, it really doesn't look too shabby.


Not that Simon Cowell would approve.