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Talking points: What? No national championship this year?

Tennessee Football

  • John Adams cautions fans that it will take years of solid recruiting to turn Tennessee into a championship program. Likely true, although, and I don't have the link for it handy, but Bruce Feldman has the evidence to show that most national championships occur in a new coach's first four years. Generally not the first, though, and Mike Griffith thinks the safe pick for the Vols next season is third in the SEC East with an over/under of eight wins in the regular season.
  • Lane Kiffin spoke at a fan rally yesterday -- and took no shots at any rivals or otherwise made any inflammatory comments. Dude's losing his touch already! He did say this about the Vol Walk, though:
    I've been in three Rose Bowls, two Orange Bowls. Halfway through that Vol Walk, I kind of blanked out a little bit and didn't know where I was. I was really feeling like I was at a national championship or something because of all the energy. I got in the locker room and had to remind myself that this is only the spring game.

    They've been at South Carolina, Auburn, Alabama and Ole Miss and they said they'd never been a part of anything like that. I don't think it was just the sheer numbers, because I think they've been a part of the numbers. But the energy that was there, the emotion that the fans were pouring out was really special.

    That's almost certainly an overexaggeration, but it tastes good going down.