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Talking points: Lookout, Mountain! Orgeron to recruit Chattanooga

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Tennessee football

  • Because Lane Kiffin refused to do it . . . Drew Edwards has the projected depth chart for the offense line with a complete breakdown as well.
  • Kiffin to name a starting QB. Maybe. Kiffin and the rest of the offensive coaches will spend the next several days evaluating tape of the QBs in hopes of maybeperhapspossibly naming a starter:
    We're going to still break it down, the whole spring, go back and take all their throws and put them together by concept and everything. At that point, maybe we'll be able to put something together. We may not, just go into fall. We'll figure it out.
  • Look out, Mountain! Kiffin has assigned recruiting the Chattanooga area to Ed Orgeron.

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