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Many More Players Leaving Tennessee: NFL Draft Plan of Action

We've been on quite the roller-coaster ride with the recent news of Coleman's departure from the team (as well as Sawtelle's),  but they will not be the last Vols we see permanently leave the Orange and White behind this weekend.  Despite a very turbulent 4 years in Big Orange football and a trainwreck of a 2008 season, there are still several Volunteers who will be drafted by NFL teams on Saturday and Sunday, and others who may get picked up as undrafted free agents UDFAs).

Some prep:

Our Plans

Informal as always, I will set up a day-long live comment thread for the first day of the NFL draft.  I'd like to have discussions about more than just the Vols being taken as well.  I know that most of us are NFL fans and this will provide us an opportunity to have a conversation with fans of teams that are not necessarily our own.

I, for one, will be very intrigued by the Broncos.  My lifelong "home" team is in a dubious position in my mind, as I am still very leery of McDaniels (and basically everything that's happened since the end of the season).  But they'll be one of the power players in the first round with two mid-round picks in their name.

And, as last year, my personal theme for the NFL draft (as borrowed from Mike and Mike):

You're feelin' it.  I can tell.

[UPDATE]  Yes, I just learned that this video is not embeddable.  Here's the YouTubery if you're interested.