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Tennessee Volunteers Taken In Undrafted Free Agency

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Tennessee may have hit a historic low with only one player taken in the NFL draft, but the day is not over yet!  There are still several available Vols who might get picked up via free agency.

NFL free agency is a double-sided coin; while a UDFA is obviously not ever going to be able to say he was "drafted" and loses some vestment from the team, they often end up with a choice of teams to try out for.  This can actually work to a player's advantage rather than being drafted in the tailings of the seventh round, as they can be a little more judicious about the team they work out with.

We'll update a list of Vols who are picked up in free agency here as we hear the news and as we have available time to name them.  (I'm working on my final project for class, so my attention will be divided.)

Ramon Foster

According to Behind the Steel Curtain, Ramon Foster was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I am really big on this acquisition.  First, the Steelers are in bad need of alternatives for their line.  Despite winning the Super Bowl, Big Ben often played the part of pinata behind the porous line in Pittsburgh.  Second, the Steelers did not draft a ton of offensive line help, so there should be room for Foster to make a spot if he has a good camp - even if it's a reserve role at first.  Third, I think Foster is a better lineman than last year would indicate, as everybody seemed to suffer under the Clawfense's learning curve.

Josh Briscoe and Lucas Taylor

Josh Briscoe is reported to be going to the Washington Redskins while Lucas Taylor is said to be joining Robert Ayers with the Denver Broncos.  I don't know the Redskins situation and can't offer commentary, but I like the Taylor to Denver move.  Part of it is homerism, but part of it is that the Broncos lack depth at wide receiver.  They have Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal, but after that the players get significantly older.  Also, everybody will be learning a new system, so Taylor will have a better chance if he can beat the incumbents at the learning curve.

Arian Foster

Arian Foster is reported to have signed with the Houston Texans.  I think this is a great fit for them.  If he regains his weight, he could be the short-yardage back they might need in goal-line and short-yardage situations.  Leaving all related jokes aside, this is a good match.  Here's hoping camp goes well for him.  (And the folks at Battle Red Blog appear to be fond of him.)

Britton Colquitt

Yet another Vol was picked up by the Broncos.  The punter with the roller-coaster history makes the third Vol on the Denver shopping list.  This isn't a bad place for Colquitt as the current punter for the Broncos is a fairly new guy himself.  McDaniels wants to place a priority on special teams, so a solid showing could very well net Colquitt a new NFL home.

DeAngelo Willingham

Willingham is reported to have been taken as an UDFA by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I don't know the Bucs' secondary needs, but they took one corner in the 7th and two other safeties in free agency.  This will be an interesting one to watch as the Bucs transition away from Monte's tutelage for the first time in what seems like forever.  I wish I had a forecast on Willingham's chances, but I don't.

More will be added here as we hear of them.  If you catch any news, please provide a comment (and a link, if possible).