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Talking points: missing Chris Lofton edition

Well, apart from the NFL Draft this weekend -- and hooper and Will have you covered on that below -- it's the time of recycling stories on the major sites. Guess what? Nick Reveiz is short and Monte doesn't care, Chris Walker is unblockable, etc., etc., etc.

That, plus the fact that my internet service has kerplunked three times in the last five minutes, so we'll take what we can get this morning:

Tennessee football

  • Jim Chaney speaks. First, he thinks Crompton can do it ($). Second, he believes that the QB is often blamed for poor pass plays despite the fact that the real problem is often elsewhere:
    When you throw the football, timing is so important. If a receiver is two yards short on his route and getting a little too wide on his break, then the cornerback's involved and it looks like the timing's off, so [everyone assumes] the quarterback's messed up again.

    Or the left guard jump-sets, as opposed to pass-sets, and the 3-technique beats him and gets a little pressure. But [everyone says] the quarterback didn't step up enough.

    So, once again, everybody notices the quarterback position. But it takes all 11 of them in a timing situation.

Tennessee basketball

  • This from new RTT community member OhioCelticsFan, Boston and Tennessee fan from Ohio talking Turkey, former Vol Chris Lofton hit 77.3% of his three-point shots (17-22) on his way to 61 points yesterday. Insert your favorite exclamation and lamentation here.



  • Ohio State had 95,722 show up for its spring game this weekend. Behold the power of a highly-touted QB recruit in his second year. And warm weather in the north.