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Talking points: Monte Kiffin slacks off and Bruce Pearl stalks Layla Kiffin

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Tennessee football

Tennessee basketball


  • Bring on the Cats responds to a Tulsa World journalist's suggestion that the Big 12 be radically restructured.
  • Track 'Em Tigers lists fives things that should make a comeback in college football, including the Three-Hour Game:
    Darwinists have predicted that the current CFB will have evolved into six and a half hours by 2085. We can put a man on the moon, but can't get one hour of football with requisite commercials in thrice that interval? Three hours was long enough for Gilligan and the crew to get stranded on an uncharted desert isle. Why can't we get it done? I devote less time to sleep a lot of nights than I do to the average televised Auburn game.