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Talking points: ho-hum edition

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Tennessee football

  • Monte Kiffin only got 90% of his defense installed ($) in the spring.
  • Oy. We need some news. Jake Heaps being interested ($) doesn't really count for me, but there it is.
  • I am working on a huge project that you will be interested in and that I'm not sure that I can talk about in this space yet. I should be done with it in about three weeks. After that, expect a bunch of great stuff for the summer, including a Best Plays of 2009 Bracket (or we may just call it "Eric Berry vs. Eric Berry"), a season recap, in-depth profiles of the incoming freshmen, previews of this year's opponents, and hopefully some other stuff. Until then, it appears that the Rocky Top Talk Twitter feed has drawn in some new readers (Hello!), and for those, you might want to check out the most popular feature of last summer -- LOL Logos!


  • The lack of news has apparently reached a level 5 pandemic or something sortof thing-ish item.
  • Yeah.