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Saturday Scrimmage Notes

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- First and perhaps most importantly, Brent Hubbs is reporting that Demetrice Morley did not participate today, and that Lane Kiffin said he has to talk with Morley and more information will be coming. (Update:  Kiffin said he'll tell all of us on Tuesday. --hooper)

- Scrimmage stats from KNS.  Quintin Hancock drew the first team reps alongside Gerald Jones at wide receiver, Wes Brown started at defensive tackle next to Dan Williams, and LaMarcus Thompson got the reps with the ones at linebacker alongside Rico McCoy and Nick Reveiz.  Without Eric Berry and Brent Vinson (no contact) and Morley, the secondary starters were a fun mix of "who?" 

- (Update 5:11 PM EDT)  If you're a VolQuest subscriber, you can read early recaps of the defensive and offensive performances.  The word for the day on both sides is turnovers, with the offense giving it up three times, including two fumbles by Tauren Poole that offset an otherwise great day running the football.

- (Update 5:14 PM EDT) Here's the writeup from the News-Sentinel.

- (Update 8:49 PM EDT) Here's a freebie scrimmage report from Scout.