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Talking points: Ed Orgeron ups the ante in recruiting tactics

Tennessee football

  • B.J. Coleman visited UT-Chattanooga earlier this week but is still weighing his options before deciding where to transfer.
  • Arian Foster, Anthony Parker, and Ramon Foster have all made's list of the top 30 players not drafted ($).
  • The Vols are hoping that the offensive line can mitigate any potential disadvantage at QB this season, like the line did in 2004 with three different QBs when they made both Gerald Riggs and Cedric Houston 1,000-yard rushers.
  • Why in the world would Ed Orgeron choose to play himself in the upcoming movie version of Michael Lewis's Blind Side? Why, recruiting, of course:
    The reason I did it, really, is it's an opportunity for recruiting. It's going to help us in recruiting to see one of our coaches in a movie that goes all over the nation. It's going to help. That's the big reason I did it.

    HT: Holly. Side note: I initially mis-typed "Blind Side" as "Bling Side," which is a different movie. Hmm. Who would that be about?

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