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Talking points: Big Orange Big Boy Touchdowns

Going in reverse order today, because . . .

NCAA football

  • . . . the link of the week for me (yes, I know it's only Tuesday, but . . . you know) is Holly's Fat Guy Touchdowns. She's right, you know: Fat Guy Touchdowns are "one of the purer joys in college football." But Holly, how can you neglect your own Antonio Reynolds, who made sure UL-Laf in 2007?

    And that's not even the best big boy TD in orange. No, that distinction belongs to Shaun Ellis, 1998 against Auburn. Somebody find that video and Fanshot it. Please. For now, though, John Ward's call alone will summon the gooseflesh:
    It's picked up by Tennessee, and the Volunteers have Shaun Ellis running with the football down the left side looking for blocking. This'll be Shaun Ellis still running, struggling, to the 25, to the 20, to the 15, to the 10, to the 5 . . . he made it. He made it.
  • Memes! Riding on the 3SiB meme of yesterday, Gate 21 has its own new features in NCAA Football '09.
  • Not shirtless fit, but fit. Our very own Lane Kiffin gets honorable mention in a list of the most physically fit coaches in college football.
  • Strategy. Smart Football takes a look at the Triple Shoot, a hybrid of the "fly sweep offense" and the run and shoot.
  • Sounds like morning in the spring. FanBlogs has a list of all of the Twittering college football coaches. By the way, you can follow Rocky Top Talk's Twitter feed, too.
  • Shiny! Bruins Nation on the $185M facelift to Pauley Pavillion.

SEC basketball

  • John Adams says that Calipari at Kentucky brings a much-needed jolt of . . . something . . . to the SEC. Patrick Patterson has already announced that he'll return, and Bruce Pearl says that if Meeks returns to the Wildcats, they're already the favorite to win the SEC and a potential Final Four team to boot.

SEC football

  • Risky! Urban Meyer is fiddling with unprecedented success ($) at Florida, moving Tebow from shotgun to under center, preparing to run the ball using actual running backs, and teaching a defense that returns all 11 (that number again!) starters a new 3-3-5 alignment. It's all very risky and at the end of the season will be labeled either genuis or idiocy. Let's hope for the latter.

Tennessee football

  • The Orlando Sentinel ranks Tennessee 7th in the SEC and predicts an 8-4 (4-4 in the SEC) season.
  • Inside Tennessee profiles two new Volunteer players: Arthur Jeffery ($) and Eric Gordon ($). If you don't have a ticket, don't fret. RTT will be profiling all of the incoming players later this summer.