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Talking points: Lane Kiffin will Say Anything

Tennessee football

  • Tennessee has offered Lakewood, California QB Jesse Scroggins. They offered Cincinnati, Ohio QB Andrew Hendrix last week. It might mean that Heaps ain't coming. Blake Bell has already committed elsewhere.
  • Yeah, so Eddie Gran got kicked out of Pahokee High School on a recruiting trip because Lane Kiffin's prior apology for insulting the entire community wasn't good enough for Pahokee principal Ariel Alejo, who just so happens to be a huge Florida fan as evidenced by the Gator logo on his official bio page as well as named after a cartoon mermaid. For what it's worth, the coach there seems to be mature about the whole matter, saying that he just wants to win and send kids to college and that "Blackballing a school is not conducive to doing that." Good for him. Team Speed Kills says that Kiffin broke a couple of unwritten rules and that his actions show that he really knows very little about recruiting. I don't know. I'm imagining a high schooler looking longingly out the window at the fuss going on in the front yard created by the over-bearing parent trying to run off the undesirable boyfriend, thus making him even more desirable.
  • Tennessee beat out Georgia and Florida for Miami offensive lineman Jose Jose, which conjured up a memory for the Vol Historian of playing Wasington State QB Samoa Samoa in 1980. Samoa Samoa could throw with either hand, prompting Johnny Majors to call him "amphibious." That there's good stuff.

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