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Talking points: Urban Meyer's Chilling Effect

Abbreviated Talking Points this morning, as I try to put a monster project to bed:

  • Object lesson No. 1. This is the coolest difference between the mainstream media and blogging. Rather than spending a bunch of time re-telling the story about Lane Kiffin attacking his own for context of a new development, I can simply link to it. Yeah, go read that and come back. Here's a trick: right-click on it and open it in a new tab, and you'll keep your place here. It's magic.

    Okay, go it? So yeah, back then priggish Meyer was apparently mostly talking about Shane Matthews , who played QB for Florida in the early 90s and criticized Florida's game strategy against Ole Miss on his radio show last year. Criticizing a loss! The nerve.

    Well, consider the chilling effect accomplished. Says Matthews:

    Basically, I understand where Coach Meyer's coming from. I'm sure when I played here, people criticized things I did.

    He knows I'm a Gator. He's done a remarkable job for our program.

    I can't wait to see ESPN's Jesse Palmer get ripped by Meyer for saying something negative about the Gators this fall. Wait. That doesn't happen. Oh . . . no. He's already gotten to them! Run!

  • Mass-produced Lane Kiffin I'm-sorry postcards!