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Talking points: who wants Robert Marve?

Tennessee football

  • Okay, so former Miami QB Robert Marve is yet to decide between Purdue and Tennessee, but he'll apparently announce his decision Friday, a statement that assumes he'll make a decision by Friday. Or maybe it will be like picking a hat out of . . . a hat . . . and surprise! It's [Lucky School!]

    Anyway . . . if you'd like to catch up on Marve, check out Purdue blog Hammer and Rails, which, because of a Miami fan blog wife, has a pretty good feel for him and concludes that they don't want him. Which leads to a question: would you rather have Daniel Hood, who did something despicable six years ago but has displayed character since then or someone who's done two things merely stupid (one suspension each over the past two seasons for arrest and missing classes) more recently? Hmm.
  • Inside Tennessee continues profiling incoming freshmen, this week looking at LB Robert Nelson, who's running three miles in 18 minutes to work these days ($), and DB Darren Myles, who merely wants to become a Freshman All-American ($).

Tennessee basketball

  • Tyler Smith has been working out for the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and will be seeing the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls later this week. According to Mike Griffith, various draft sites project Smith to be drafted anywhere from 27th and 43rd overall, the 8th and 12th small forward taken.


Having put most of the Big Project to bed, we're brainstorming the rest of the off season. Current tentative plans include another Best Plays thing like the brackets we did the last two years. (Yes, we were able to find 16 good plays from 2008, why do you ask?) The 2007 contest was won by Big Dan Williams and 2006 features none other than Jonathan Crompton.We plan to kick off 2008 on Monday.

Also included in the tentative plans are reviews of last year's freshmen, sliding 2008 into the morgue drawer, and turning to 2009, looking at the incoming players and the upcoming opponents. Anyway, if there's anything you'd like to see this summer, drop a suggestion in the comments below.