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Brent Vinson interviewed; Ramar Smith questioned in shooting, home invasion


GVX is reporting that Brent Vinson has been "interviewed" by police in connection with a shooting at Woodlands Townhouses last night at 11:41. The report says that Vinson was present when the shooting occurred, but wording in the report that Vinson was "interviewed" and not "questioned" suggests the probability that he is not a suspect. The victim -- Charles Corn -- was shot "multiple times" and is in critical condition.

It's not entirely clear whether these two incidents are related at all, but the same article says that police are wanting to "question" former Vol basketball player Ramar Smith in connection with a home invasion/robbery that occurred on May 18 at Steeplechase Apartments.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

[Note by Joel, 05/20/09 4:03 PM EDT ] According to VolunteerTV, Vinson is indeed just a witness and not a suspect. The two suspects:

One is a white man in his early- to mid-20s who is clean shaven. The second suspect is a clean shaven black man, also in his early- to mid-20s.