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Meyer to change the Gators offense to land Scroggins? Riiiiight.

Jesse Scroggins is jacked because Urban Meyer has told him that the Gators are going to change their offense when Tebow leaves:

"I'm hyped on Florida for sure," Scroggins told the Web site's West Recruiting Blog. "They win national championships there and coach Meyer does a great job with the quarterback position. They said they're changing the offense after (Tim) Tebow graduates to a more drop back style offense and they brought in Scott Loeffler to be the OC there and that's the kind of offense he has always run so I know it will be a good fit for me.

"My coach and I plan to take an unofficial visit out there in the summer and we're just working out the dates. I've only been to Washington so far and liked it there a lot but I want to check out a few more schools in the summer because I plan to try and make a commitment before the school year starts up."


Riiight. As a public service to Mr. Scroggins (and the rest of the nation, including us Volunteers), let me remind you that Meyer is rumored to have told QB and prospect Jevan Snead that the Gators were recruiting Tebow as a linebacker, too. Snead saw through that and committed elsewhere. Good decision.

Urban Meyer changing the offense that has won 2 of the last 3 national championships? Almost as unbelievable as "Tebow? Oh, he's just a linebacker."