The Google News Test: Why I Love Lane Kiffin

NOTE: I initially began writing this FanPost about two months ago.  I stopped in the middle for reasons I can't remember, and then just forgot about it.  Then I read Joel's "Talking Points: Lane Kiffin a Material Mill for National Media" post from earlier today, and I decided to pull up the unfinished draft and post 'er up.  So, thanks for the inspiration, Joel.  And I hope you don't mind me posting this variation on your earlier theme.

The late Rick James famously said "Cocaine is a helluva drug."

As a professional argument-maker who spends a substantial majority of his waking hours in front of a computer with a working broadband connection, I can confidently state that "the Internet is also a helluva drug."   Perhaps it is a generational thing, a bad habit, or a bad habit caused and fueled by generational things.  Either way, it is an undeniable addiction.  Do a little work, check a couple sites.  Do some more work, check some different sites.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  These are the days of my life.

I'm not complaining.  I have always been a huge sports fan, and the internet lets me follow sports more closely: read mainstream media articles, read blogs (RTT being blog #1, of course), post on message boards, get analysis and predictions from 360 different angles.  I eat it all up.

The internet has let me down before.  Specifically, it lets me down most every baseball seasons.  I don't follow baseball.  I don’t like anything about baseball (exception: going to  the games).  I definitely don't want to read about baseball.  So I don't.  One could argue that this is a good thing.  One could definitely make that argument if one was my boss.  But now that Lane Kiffin has arrived on the scene, such an argument is academic.


With Lane Kiffin around, I will *never* reach the end of the internet.  Don't believe me?  Try it yourself.  Do a google news search on "Lane Kiffin" one a day.  See how many articles pop up.  You will be astounded.  Actually, do it tomorrow because I did it for you today.  So, just in case you wanted to do some light reading from any of a variety of sources -- national media, local media (Knoxville and elsewhere in these United States), blogs, scout, rivals -- take your pick from the following.  All of these are within the last five or six days.  And this isn’t an outlier week.  This is pretty much the norm.,_according_to_todd_helton

I'm stopping.  I could keep going, but there are just so many -- I don't know when the list would end.  From this litany of articles it is quite apparent that some writers like to portray Kiffin in a negative manner, while other writers like to give him a positive spin.  But they all LOVE to write about him.   

In sum, thank you Lane Kiffin for graciously giving me so much reading material when I would otherwise have very little to peruse.  For this reason alone, I like you.  My boss, on the other hand.....


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