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Best Plays of 2008: What a Play by Berry in the End Zone

At stake: Relevance in the SEC East. By the sixth game of the season, the Vols had already lost to UCLA, Florida, and Auburn, but they'd won the SEC East the prior year with two SEC losses, so all hope was not yet lost.

In-game context: Georgia was pretty much having its way with Tennessee in the first half, taking a 20-7 lead into the locker room. After the teams traded punts to open the second half, Georgia marched down the field and was threatening to put the game out of reach with another score. On third-and-goal at the Tennessee six, however, Matthew Stafford made the mistake of throwing in Eric Berry's direction:


Impact: Tennessee did in fact score a touchdown on the ensuing possession, bringing the Vols to within six points of tying the game. Unfortunately, Georgia hit two more field goals, the Vol offense sputtered, and the Bulldogs won 26-14.