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Best Plays of 2008: Eric Berry Clobbers Knowshon Moreno

At stake: See What a Play by Berry in the End Zone

In-game context: The fourth quarter began with Georgia extending its lead to 23-14, and Tennessee's offense promptly went three and out. With a nine point lead, the Bulldogs then set out to chew up the clock by handing the ball to Knowshon Moreno. Over and over and over again. Eric Berry decided to do something about that:


Impact: Well, Moreno carried only one more time for minus one yard in this game. Unfortunatley for the Vols, the Bulldogs also had Caleb King, and they just started handing off to him instead. They scored one more field goal and finished the game 26-14. At that point, Tennessee was 2-4 on the season and a pitiful 0-3 in the SEC.