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Best Plays of 2008: Berry All the Way

At stake: An SEC record of 0-4. Halfway through October, the Vols were clearly reeling, and no one could tell just how bad things were going to get. Tennessee was 2-4 overall and 0-3 in the SEC, having lost to Florida, Auburn, and Georgia. Their only wins were over UAB and Northern Illinois, the latter of which was a bit of a stinky squeaker. Could things be bad enough to lose even to Mississippi State?

In-game context: Heading into the fourth quarter, Tennessee was leading only 13-3. Daniel Lincoln had hit two field goals, and Montario Hardesty had scored on a one yard rushing TD, but that scoring drive had only been 53 yards. Mississippi State wasn't doing much better on offense, but Vol fans were beginning to worry. And then Eric Berry saved the day:


Impact: After the extra point, the Vols led 20-3 and had some breathing room. Better than that, though, the pick six ignited a three-touchdown fourth quarter -- including Rout! (up next).