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Best Plays of 2008: EBWACC (Eric Berry's Wake Always Contains Carnage)

At stake: Phillip Fulmer's job. Tennessee had already lost to annual rivals Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, the latter of which was particularly distressing because it happened at home with a stadium full of gloating, crimson-colored enemies who had purchased their tickets from treasonous Vol fans. After that loss, we were just looking for consolation prizes.

In-game context: The offense was unmitigated disaster by this time of the season, and this game did nothing to alleviate that. To make matters worse, South Carolina scored 21 unanswered points in the first half, and when the Vols finally scored on a one-yard touchdown run by Arian Foster late in the third, they went for two and failed. This was fun, though:


Impact: Unfortunately, none. We went four and out on the following possession and then started punting, and the following Monday, Mike Hamilton punted Phillip Fulmer right over the JumboTron into the Tennessee River.