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Best Plays of 2008: Brent Vinson's Pick Six Poop Out

At stake: See By Guess Who . . . Eric Berry.

In-game context: After a scoreless first quarter, Montario Hardesty finally had the Vols on the board with an eight-yard TD with 11:25 to go in the second. Daniel Lincoln added three points on the next series, and on Vandy's ensuing possession, Eric Berry scored a TD on an interception bringing the score to 17-0. It was becoming clear that the team had gotten the shock of Fulmer's forced resignation out of their system in the Wyoming game the prior week, and with the Commodores driving as time was ticking down to end the first half, Brent Vinson removed all doubt. Well, most of it:


Impact: Seriously, what's up with slowing down and running out of bounds at that time? Well, whatever. Daniel Lincoln added three points, and the Vols went into the locker room up 20-0. Vandy scored 10 in the second half, but Tennessee finally had its second SEC win, and more importantly, had avoided that historical eighth loss.