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Best Plays of 2008: More Score for Moore

At stake: Sending Fulmer out on a positive note. The season had been a complete, total, utter disaster. The team had lost seven games, the offense was one of the five worst in the entire nation, and the head coach of 17 years had lost his job because of it. The only thing left to play for was to avoid a history-making eighth loss, extend the win streak over Kentucky to 24 games, and to give the team a legitimate opportunity to douse Fulmer with Gatorade one last time and to carry him off the field on which he'd spent the vast majority of his career.

In-game context: The first half was nothing spectacular, with Kentucky putting up a field goal and Jonathan Crompton scoring on a QB sneak. But on the third play of the second half, Crompton hooked up with Denarius Moore:


Impact: That play uncorked something, and the Vols went on to score two more TDs in the fourth for a 28-10 victory, the 24th in a row over Kentucky. As soon as the clock ran out, Crompton sprinted to Fulmer to embrace him, and Fulmer got his Gatorade bath and escort off the field on the shoulders of his players.