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Best Plays of 2008: the first cut

Over the past two days, you've seen the 15 candidates for the Best Play of 2008. Now it's time to begin voting.

Remember, DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY -- VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED. The play with the most votes gets cut from the competition.

Voting will remain open through 6:00 or 6:30 tomorrow morning (depending on when I drag myself out of bed), and I'll post the remaining contenders at 8:00 or 9:00 and open up a new poll. We'll do that every day, including weekends, until only the Best Play of 2008 remains.

My vote and rationale for today is below. Hooper and Will will post theirs when they get around to it. But first, the choices:

Joel: My first vote for elimination goes to There Goes Lennon Creer. Why? Except for the fact that we had almost no offense last year, this play really wasn't all that spectacular. Well-blocked, yes, but Creer basically just ran straight ahead into the end zone. And hey, it was UAB and we were already up 21-3, so woo in all lower case. Add to that the fact that "There Goes Lennon Creer" took on an altogether new meaning this spring, and well, you know. Good job on the TD, Lennon, but you're Starting Over now, and so I'm voting to send you on your way.

Will: My first vote for elimination is Britton Colquitt Nails a 71-yarder. This is like the one obscure film that gets an Academy Award nomination as a tip of the hat to its unique features...and then is swiftly removed from consideration. It's a 71 yard punt. It's still a a game that the Vols were down 24-6 in the 4th quarter in. I don't like the fact that we were punting here there you go. VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED.

Hooper: Toughie for me, partly because I've never liked calling spontaneous things like interceptions "plays". (While you hope for them, it's not like you draft one up on the chalkboard.) But in the context here, I'd say the first play to go would be There Goes Lennon Creer. It was a good play, for sure, and one of the very rare offensive highlights. Yet it was against a beaten and tired team and, in retrospect, wasn't an amazing individual highlight but more of simply good run blocking and one good juke. (Oddly, that's more what I call a great "play" in my own internal dialogues, but that's not the context here, so...)

Vote for the one you want to see eliminated.