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Best Plays of 2008: the second cut

Say goodbye to Britton Colquitt Nails a 71-yarder, as it was eliminated as one of the candidates for the Best Play of 2008.

So which one's next?

DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY -- VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED. The play with the most votes gets cut from the competition.

The remaining candidates:

Joel: I'm going with There Goes Lennon Creer again for the reasons I stated yesterday plus this one: it was exceptionally well-blocked and it appears that Creer didn't hug an ugly in appreciation. Many of you made a very compelling case for Brent Vinson's Pick Six Poop Out, though, so I'm expecting this one to be close.

Will: I'm a team player today, also voting for There Goes Lennon Creer. It's a nice run, but in a game we were already well ahead in against the only opponent we were able to use the full power of the Clawfense against. In any other year, a play like this in a game like this probably isn't even remembered.

Hooper: Since I went with it yesterday, I'll stick with There Goes Lennon Creer. With family visiting over the weekend, I won't rehash the reasoning as I am basically stealing a moment online right now, but it's unchanged from yesterday. Looking forward, there are several I expect to fall fairly shortly, but this feels like the next one in line.