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Talking points: who's got the Munchies?

Tennessee football

Tennessee basketball

  • Aaron Craft, a point guard from Ohio, has de-committed from Tennessee, saying he wants to play closer to home. Pearl should sick Orgeron on him.


  • Thanks to the huge contracts with CBS ($800M) and ESPN ($2.25B), every football game involving an SEC team will be televised. That's big.
  • Oversigning in the SEC may be a thing of the past, as the league is considering a new rule that would cap the number of players a school could sign at 28 and minimize the Whittling Season to a limit of three. That's different than the current rule that says only that a school can't bring in more than 25 in the fall and doesn't limit the number they can sign. Ole Miss signed a whopping 37 players and needs to whittle them down by 12. Hot giggity, rootin' for Fulmer Cup points, is Ole Miss.
  • SEC basketball should be much better this season with several players returning (Mississippi State's Jarvis Varnado, Kentucky's Patrick Patterson, Arkansas' Michael Washington, and Ole Miss point guard Terrico White. Tyler Smith and Jodie Meeks have yet to announce, but I'm thinking Smith returns and Meeks leaves.



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