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Best Plays of 2008: the third cut

There goes There Goes Lennon Creer, as it was eliminated as one of the candidates for the Best Play of 2008.

So which one's next? Will it be Brent Vinson's Pick Six Poop Out, yesterday's runner up? Or with There Goes Lennon Creer gone, will something else charge into the unlead?

DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY -- VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED. The play with the most votes gets cut from the competition.

The remaining candidates:

Joel: Oh, the drama! The intrigue! I may just pick something unusual just to be contrary. And so . . . drumroll . . . okay, yeah. It's Vinson. He was completely and utterly burned on the play from the snap, with the receiver blowing by him off the line of scrimmage. Safety (Dennis Rogan, I think) to the rescue! Rogan jarred the ball loose, and the ball magically appeared in Vinson's gut only because he was playing from behind. Demetrice Morley then outran him (okay, fine, maybe he was "setting up his block"), and Vinson was the beneficiary of an excellent block by Morley. After that, Vinson was almost caught from behind by a rather hefty Vandy No. 22 (I think) and a host of other 'Dores, but rather than suffer that humiliation, he came up lame and ran out of bounds. I may be being too hard on the guy; maybe his shoulder popped out of its socket again -- and if that's the case, or if he suffered any type of injury during the play, then I take it all back -- but still. Beaten, lucky interception, wimping out. So there. Who says I'm more Paula Abdul than Simon Cowell? Must be the white t-shirt I'm wearing. OH AND ADD TO THAT THE FACT THAT SOME IDIOT NAMED THIS THING INCORRECTLY!!! INCOMPETENCY COUPONS FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Will: My vote today goes to Brent Vinson as well, but I think it gets much more difficult from here on out. Vinson's pick is similar to Creer's run against UAB - a fine play in a game that was (sort of) already decided against a weaker opponent (even though Vanderbilt was bowl eligible), that in any other year would've never made this list. I don't think you can say that about any of the other plays that are still standing. By the way, that "I'm tired so I'm running out of bounds" thing? Deon Grant did it in the 4th quarter of a two point game against Florida in 1999. I didn't understand it then and I don't like it now. And there's your historical Vol fact for the day.

hooper: Yeah, this one's easy. For me, though, it's not so much that he ran out of bounds on it that it just wasn't as exciting of a play as some of the other interceptions on the board. Perhaps that's a bit unfair, as a Berry INT has that added excitement just because it's Berry, but oh well. While I'm firmly in the "run for every yard" camp, I have a little more sympathy for an interception returnee going out of bounds than a regular ball carrier. Vinson isn't as accustomed to carrying the ball as say, Foster, so I'd rather have him assure himself that he'll hold onto the ball than to push for more yards and cough it up. Then again, Vinson isn't as accustomed to carrying the ball as say, Foster, so perhaps he ought to push for that extra yard...