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Talking points: did Urban Meyer learn the spread from silly Jim Chaney?

Tennessee football

  • GVX's Drew Edwards has an excellent in-depth article on new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. A particularly interesting bit is that while at Purdue, he served as the Boilermakers "levity coach," meaning he was responsible for making sure the guys didn't get too wound up and tight before games. Also, according to former Purdue QB coach Greg Olson, none other than Urban Meyer learned the spread offense from Chaney. And no, Chaney's not running the spread -- he's running Kiffin's pro-style USC offense -- but might he prove useful to the defense in preparations against Florida? One thing's for sure, Meyer most certainly did not learn levity from Chaney. Or from anyone else for that matter.
  • Tennessee is in play with Cody Riggs, a 5'10", 165-pound CB from St. Thomas Aquinas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He's Gerald Riggs's younger brother.
  • We've heard this before, but expect more catches for the tight ends this year ($). I know it's a different coaching staff now, but I am almost incapable of even hearing those words anymore.
  • Where's Chris Donald? The highly-touted recruit redshirted, then switched from LB to DE and back to LB. He did get some looks this spring, though, and although he's currently listed as No. 3 at strongside LB, he'll challenge LaMarcus Thompson and Shane Reveiz for the spot.

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