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Talking points: the Daniel Hood matter

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Tennessee football

  • Knoxville Catholic High School's Daniel Hood joins the Vols' Class of 2009. Like a lot of us, this guy's got some baggage. Unlike most of us, Hood's baggage includes court dates and criminal proceedings and some very serious sins that have been made -- unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for him -- very public. I was quite confused about this when I first learned about the situation yesterday. Normally, cases involving juveniles are sealed and not made public. Even civil cases involving minors usually anonymize the names of the minors, although I can't really say for sure whether there's some exception for juvenile criminal proceedings, but I'm guessing the same would hold true if the juvenile case itself is under seal. I know for a fact that Judge Susano -- the guy who wrote the appellate opinion about Hood that everyone's reading today -- is highly sensitive to the disclosure of the identities of minors in published court opinions because I clerked for him for two years right after law school. So the juvenile case must have somehow been unsealed at some point prior to the civil case concerning his status as some ward of the state. The VolQuest article on the matter says that it was a result of attorney error, which . . . wow, that would be a big mistake, too. It sounds like this never should have even been made public, and I'm uncomfortable even talking about it because of that.

    In any event, it is public now, and it appears that the people who actually know Hood are vouching for him, saying that his rehabilitation has been successful. Knoxville Catholic gave him his first second chance, and the school is willing to "put [the] school's reputation on [their] recommendation for Daniel Hood." UT Athletic Director Mike Hamilton said that Hood is "very remorseful" about his "terrible mistake" and that after investigating the matter, he believed that Hood had earned the opportunity to continue the second chance at Tennessee. Even the victim has apparently vouched for Hood's genuine repentance.

    If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Welcome to Tennessee, Mr. Hood.

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Tennessee basketball


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