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Talking points: yellus disapprovus edition

Tennessee football


  • Track 'Em Tigers ranks the SEC coaches in terms of the probability they'll still be at the same school in five years. Lane Kiffin gets a three, and -- wooo! -- Urban Meyer gets a one because he's "named after a Pope and still covets the job." The Notre Dame job, I'm guessing, but the head of The Catholic Church is a viable reading as well.


  • Former Nebraska QB Sam Keller is the lead plaintiff in a class action against EA Sports, alleging that the video-game maker wrongfully uses the likenesses of NCAA football players. Fine sentiment that they should have some piece of that large and tasty pie, but I fear all it will accomplish is to force EA Sports to not use the likenesses of players, which wouldn't be nearly as fun.
  • OBNUG goes fan-watching and notes his findings:

    The boo-bird (Yellus Disapprovus)

    Anthroplogists maintain that booing is one of the earliest forms of speech. Long ago, when the cavemen roamed the earth (presumably somewhere near Kuna), it was commonplace to hear a chorus of "boo"s  around the fire (usually when it became clear that Gak had made meatloaf for dinner yet again). Over the centuries, man developed vastly more complex language patterns to vocalize a wide range of emotions—the boo-birds, sadly, did not. The boo-bird's sole method of communication is a gutteral "boo" (often amplified by placing the palms on either side of the mouth)...their only emotion—disdain.

    There's more, so go read the whole thing. It's worth your time.
  • Building the Dam begins a series of the Top 10 Pac-10 games of the last five years.
  • Card Chronicle is . . . concerned . . . about the rumors of losing Rick Pitino to the NBA's Sacramento Kings.