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Talking points: Lane Kiffin knows what he's doing

Tennessee football

Tennessee basketball

  • The Sporting News has a Q&A with Tyler Smith, who's still pondering whether to go pro. Also, I've recently been informed that it's "Sporting News" and not "The Sporting News," so henceforth I shall refer to them as "The Sporting News" out of spite rather than ignorance. ;-)


  • The SEC indeed decides to handcuff itself and enforce a limit of three for Whittling Season. No schools can give out more than 25 schoarships in any given year, but many SEC teams accepted letters of intent for many more than 25, including Ole Miss, who this year signed 37 players and needs to bag 12. So the SEC decided to fix this by prohibiting no more than 28 LOIs. The rest of the conferences are now free to follow our lead for a couple of years until their own excess births their own prohibition.
  • Watch out for Ole Miss this season . . .
  • . . . but yeah, nobody's denying Florida the NC this year.