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Best Plays of 2008: the fifth cut

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Huh. Y'all jettisoned By Guess Who . . . Eric Berry from the Best Plays of 2008 thingy. So long Guess Who:

DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY -- VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED. The play with the most votes gets cut from the competition.

The remaining candidates:

My, hooper's, and Will's choices are below the jump.

Joel: Well, since hooper's diabolical persuasion edged me out, I'm going with Eric Berry's Third Interception of the Year again for the same reasons I stated yesterday. I expect that Will will once again vote for EBWACC (Eric Berry's Wake Always Contains Carnage), with which I have to disagree. Will's got a great point about the context of the game -- it really didn't matter.

But woo! Berry's got the ball! He's running left! He's reversing field, and -- Oh! the decleater block! (Add a corkscrew to that and you almost have the Marquis Maze thing). There's a guy running around on the field without his helmet! And lo! The post-play carnage!

Yeah, the play didn't mean much for the game or the season. But that's sort of the story of the season, isn't it? Really, did any play of 2008 have much impact on anything other than entertainment value? We had to take it where we could find it in 2008, and this one was about as good as it gets.

What do you say to that, Mr. Shelton? And how are you going to screw things up for me today, hooper? Bring it.

hooper: In the last round, I stated that By Guess Who was virtually identical to Rout! With that in mind, it seems to be natural to make that my next choice. I like the other Moore play better, especially since that throw in Rout! was made by a MSU QB who had just been Berry'd and was desperate to get the team back in the game.

So for me, the same logic applies as before, only the interceptor is a different guy. Rout! is it for me.

Will: Yeah, it's EBWACC (Eric Berry's Wake Always Contains Carnage) again for me today, since y'all busted up my streak of three straight days of picking the majority favorite. I have a hard time separating "best play" from "most important" play - for instance, More Score for Moore almost got voted off yesterday, and that's the one play I'd single out from all the others as the most important play of the year, because it was the biggest play in the one win that truly mattered last year, getting the W in Fulmer's last game. You could argue that Berry's two big hits were also "less important" plays...but the one against Alabama was early in the game and a potential tempo-setter, and the one against Knowshon Moreno is just awesome. EBWACC is awesome, yes...but it really is one of Berry's shorter interception returns overall, and again, it was meaningless to the game. It offered momentary entertainment value, sure...but then I went right back to being depressed about that game, the season, and Fulmer's future. It will continue to get my vote.