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Best Plays of 2008: this time vote for the winner

Please note the rule change for the final poll. No longer do you vote for the play you want to see eliminated. Vote for your favorite to win.

Well, Eric Berry Flying Corkscrews Marquis Maze bows out in a sort of graceful violence, and our finalists are Berry All the Way and Eric Berry Clobbers Knowshon Moreno. First, though, say goodbye to Corkscrew before it becomes just another clip in a very long reel of Eric Berry's highlights:

So now that it's down to only two choices, I'm going to take a giant risk and change the rules.

That's right, VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY OF THE TWO. The play with the most votes will be declared the Best Play of 2008. Make your case below, but before you do, be sure to revisit the links, at which we address the context and impact of the plays. Here are those links again:

My vote for best play and the reasoning for it will go in the comment section later. Also, I'm going to keep this final poll open until Friday morning at 6:00.