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Talking points: defending Lane Kiffin from 4th and 61


Tennessee football

  • I'll be entering the lion's den tonight at 8:00 EST to discuss Lane Kiffin with bloggers/fans of all of the teams Kiffin has infuriated. Team Speed Kills, who's done the legwork on this, has this to say about the thing:
    Tonight, barring some sort of significant technical glitch, Team Speed Kills will partner with Rocky Top TalkRoll Bama Roll and Get the Picture to present the Great Lane Kiffin Debate, a live-blogging discussion of the past, present and future for Lane Kiffin at Tennessee.

    The event will begin at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT. Again, if all goes as planned, you'll be able to participate in the debate through comments -- in a moderated fashion -- here at Team Speed Kills, while guests to the other sites can do the same there.

    We have as many people as might have been offended by Kiffin as is possible to do and have the discussion make sense -- your humble correspondent will represent the gas-pumping South Carolinians, Year2 will carry the banner of cheating Florida Gators, Todd of Roll Bama Roll will refuse to thank Lance Thompson for coming up with his Alabama-based arguments and Blutarsky's grandmother will insist he take up Georgia's banner. And we'll have two Tennessee fans to take up for Lane Kiffin.

  • That debate -- or whatever it will devolve into -- is part of an ongoing Tennessee week at Team Speed Kills, which also includes posts concerning Tennessee's timetable and a post clarifying that while it is appropriate for fans and foes alike to assert Kiffin was a risky hire, no one can rightly say at this time that he was a bad hire

Tennessee basketball



  • I don't even know what to call that number. Clay Travis says that NCAA fines are pointless, and who can argue when Alabama's recent fine of $43,900 is .0004938 of Alabama's total budget? Perhaps Razorback Expats has the right idea by getting creative with the punishments:
    4.) The NCAA hereby mandates that the University of Alabama has to rename one campus building "Phil Fulmer Hall" for the period of the rest of Phillip Fulmer’s natural life. The building in question will be determined by Mr. Fulmer.
  • That sounds familiar. A Sea of Blue says goodbye to Jodie Meeks by remembering the good times, including that record-breaking performance against Tennessee last year. True or false: you can identify with the following sentiment: "Rare stuff, and one of the moments that made UK basketball interesting last season. Sadly, that was virtually the high point of last season -- UK fans had precious few moments to cheer about thereafter." See? Things could be worse. Eric Berry could be leaving.
  • Twenty-four arrests since 2005? Well, kids will be kids.