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Talking points: all questions about Lane Kiffin answered in 60 minutes


Tennessee football

Tennessee basketball

Internal memo

  • Who says experimentation has to end in college? I'm going to try something different today. Normally, I'd put the SEC and NCAA links down here, but one problem with that is that I'd often miss out on some great stuff from conferences other than the SEC, Bakers 10, and ACC. Why's that? Because of the recent partnership thing between SB Nation college and Part of that is that SB Nation college blog headlines are featured on the team pages at Another part is that some of the best and most timely posts will be featured closer to the front pages. That involves humans, and because the SB Nation college league is twice as large as its other leagues, it takes two to read everything and cull the best. I do mine before work in eastern time zone and send them to Peter of Burnt Orange Nation, who does his before in the central time zone, and so we don't have a complete list until later in the morning. So . . . I'm going to try two daily link dumps: one for Tennessee stuff in the morning, and one for the best stuff around the network at lunch. We'll see how it goes. There is some fantastic stuff in the network that doesn't pertain to Tennessee but that should still be interesting to college football fans. 
  • Coming up later today: 3 more reasons to love Layla Kiffin, and the search for the foulest cheese.