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3 more reasons to love Layla Kiffin

Yes, there are more than three reasons to love Layla Kiffin, but here are three new ones, courtesy of Knoxville Magazine:

1. She's honest:

"[Knox] is just a coincidence," Layla laughs, referring to the name's relevance to their new home. "I saw it in a book months before and didn't think Lane would go for the name, but he loved it. We figure we're embracing our new home." Ask Landry and Pressley their new brother's name. "It's Knoxy boy!"

2. She's cool with being an internet sensation (and devotes her days to Disney and Nickelodeon):

After Lane's introductory press conference in November, it was clear fans were on the UT bandwagon . . . and Layla's bandwagon. After joining her husband on stage nine months pregnant for an introduction and photo, Layla became one of the highest Google searches on the internet that day. "I really had no idea about it. All I ever watch is Nickelodeon or the Disney channel," Layla said laughing. "My youngest brother called and said, 'Layla, you're on the internet!' and I said 'for what?' I got a kick out of it. It was very flattering."

3. She's a convert:

So with a history of rooting for Tennessee's archrival, should UT fans fear seeing their new head coach's wife cheering for the Gators? "Absolutely not," Layla said. "I'm a Volunteer."

So there you have it.