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Best Plays of 2008: the sixth cut

Well, it looked for awhile that we were going to have a three-way tie for the Best Plays of 2008 thingy, but Rout! finally "won" out and is going home. Farewell:

My choice for today's elimination is below.

DO NOT VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAY -- VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU WANT TO SEE ELIMINATED. The play with the most votes gets cut from the competition.

Links to the remaining candidates and our selections are below the jump:

Joel: I will stick with Eric Berry's Third Interception of the Year again today.

hooper: The joy of watching the play you pick get eliminated is that you get to make a new selection. (Don't worry Joel; you'll understand someday.) Watching the last couple of votes, I think the next few to fall will be pretty easy to identify. If you're not too worried about order at this point, then it probably doesn't matter too much to you which one's next. I'll roll with Joel on this one and take Eric Berry's Third Interception of the Year for today, though I suspect Will's choice will be soon to go as well.

Will: We're sticking with EBWACC (Eric Berry's Wake Always Contains Carnage). YES WE CAN!