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Do secondary violations matter . . . at all?

Much has been made of Tennessee's recent secondary violations. The toll, if I remember correctly, stands at something like four since Kiffin arrived. Eleven days ago, memphispete wondered if that was really out of the ordinary or whether Tennessee's were just getting more publicity.

Well, I haven't been able to find a list of the number of secondary violations for each SEC school as memphispete asked, but I did come across a post from MGoBlog that mentioned the total number of secondary violations for Ohio State since 2000. Rather than link to that post, I thought we'd put up a poll and let you guess how many that might be. No cheating! You can look up the answer after you post, and for those of you not so inclined, I'll try to remember to link to the answer later.

So . . . how many secondary violations as Ohio State reported since 2000?