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Talking Points: 365 Days Until Tyler Smith Gets Drafted

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Tennessee Football

Tennessee Basketball

  • Adding to the Legend of Ron Slay in Knoxville, The Godfather of the Headband told the crowd at last night's PRTL game that drinks were on him if he missed his next free throw.  He didn't, and his team of cagey vets won 136-129 over Chris Lofton (50 points, 18 of 32, 8 of 18 3PT) and Cameron Tatum's (34) combined effort.  Additional action from last night at the link from KNS.
  • The NBA Draft is tonight, and Bruce Pearl is all over it.  Pearl will be on NBATV's pre and postdraft shows at 6:00 PM and Midnight EDT.  They're also promising some live interaction via, though I'm not sure what that'll look like.  Also, Pearl spent a few minutes with Dan Patrick on his radio show yesterday, discussing Tyreke Evans, comparing Marcus Thornton and Jodie Meeks, and staying sharp when Patrick continually reminded him of Meeks' 54.

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