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Tennessee Volunteer Skill Player Camp Woo Edition


So Tennessee followed up Monday's linemen camp with a Tuesday skill player camp, and whattayaknow, a golden opportunity at the QB position drew a bunch of QBs from all over the place.

Take Barry Bruneti, for instance, whose name sounds like someone out of Grease and who is currently entertaining offers from the likes of Penn State, Oregon, and West Virginia. See my quick feet, says he! The UT coaches named Bruneti one of the QB MVPs at the camp so woo for him. He's a spread QB, but believes he can convert to UT's pro-style. So far, though, UT has not offered him a scholarship.

Or take Chase Rettig, for instance, who flew in from California for the one-day camp and still had enough arm strength to throw the football. (Yeah, bad derivative of the old "and boy, are his arms tired!)

Anyway, Rettig is assertive as evidenced by the fact that he was budging in line and everything. He only made it for the afternoon session because of a delayed flight, which I would bet my life happened in Charlotte, which has a fantastic airport and some under-the-table deal with the Chili's to turn every passenger's 50-minute scheduled layover into three hours and an Awesome Blossom, which, let's be honest, is totally worth it. At least until your flight finally takes off and you're seated next to the guy whose digestive process malfunctions somewhere in the lower midsection when it comes to onions. And . . . where was I?

Oh, Rettig's loving the Vols, but the Vols have not yet offered a scholarship to him, either.

So yeah, Tennessee appears to be playing the field while keeping an eye on what Jake Heaps and Jesse Scroggins are doing, but the Vols better do something soon, because a bunch of folks are watching and waiting. Folks like receiver Markeith Ambles, who sounds slow in a cool kind of way due to his surname and who is sure that Tennessee will get themselves at least one good QB.

And folks like Hulk-Superman hybrid Brandon Terry, a 6'6", 195-pound wide receiver who runs a 4.3 40. Sign whoever that dude wants!

One other interesting thing about yesterday's camp is that Alabama commit Blake Sims showed up. What do you think, is he a spy for them or a double agent for us? Sims has been "committed" to Alabama since April, but he was hoping to sneak in the back at UT's camp yesterday. He was, of course, immediately noticed and subjected to questioning. "Still with Alabama," he responded to reporters, but he also said he's coming back to Knoxville for another visit, so who knows?