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Talking Points: Some Tennessee fans prefer losing in white jerseys over winning in black

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Tennessee football

  • None more black. It's becoming increasingly apparent that black jerseys are somewhere in our immediate future, especially now that Al Wilson says it's okay. But 7 of 22 fans are opposed to black even if it guaranteed 10 wins? What, exactly, are they fans of? By the way, Wilson walks the fine line perfectly between appreciation of coaches Fulmer and Chavis and the embracing of the new regime. Gotta love that guy.
  • Tennessee adds nearly thirteen feet to its offensive line. Offensive linemen Zach Fulton (6'5", 305 pounds) and Marques Pair (6'6", 255-pounds) committed to Tennessee yesterday. Now if only they had someone to pass block for.
  • Bruuuuuuuce! Missed this last week, but In the Bleachers has a podcast interview of Bruce Feldman, who apparently talks a bit of Tennessee during the thing.

Tennessee basketball


  • ESPN's got a great behind-the-scenes look at the filming of The Blind Side. Many of the scenes were ad-libbed by the coaches rather than scripted. For instance, the coaches were told in one scene to simply give their standard recruiting pitch within a certain time frame, and Ed Orgeron "came out of his seat and forearmed the couch." Exaggeration, perhaps, but you never know with the O. The thing even gave Tommy Tuberville the opportunity for one last shot at Nick Saban: "It was a good time. They weren't asking us to play a bad guy or anything. Of course, I'm sure Nick had a hard time doing that."
  • A Sea of Blue has more on Calipari's dribble drive motion offense as a recruiting tool.
  • Dawg Sports's taunting in the SEC provides clues on how to get under the Georgia fan's foldy hide.
  • CFN's preview of LSU is out.