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Rocky Top Tennessee 2009: what's in that 128-page thing?

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Ah, at long last we can publish the table of contents for Rocky Top Tennessee 2009. You can pre-order right now and get the thing a couple of weeks before it hits the newsstands on July 21.

Life In The Fast Lane: 2009 Volunteers Position Profiles
by Joel Hollingsworth

Cue The Quickening
by Wes Rucker

Eric Crunch Berry
by David Hooper

Five Impact Freshmen And The Class Of 2009
by Josh Ward

The Agony & The Agony
by Holly Anderson

Self-Inflicted Wounds
by Joel Hollingsworth

Know Your Enemy: A Look At Tennessee's 2009 Opponents
by Holly Anderson

And Now A Word From Your Enemy: The Florida Gators
by Spencer Hall

And Now A Word From Your Enemy: Alabama Crimson Tide
by Todd Jones

And Now A Word From Your Enemy: Georgia Bulldogs
by Doug Gillett

Assembling a Coaching Staff
by Drew Edwards

Introducing The New Coaches
by Brad Shepard

Brand New Schemes
by Chris Brown and Matt Hinton

Countering The Culture
by John Pennington

Southern Cal Comes To Knoxville
by Bruce Feldmen

Recruiting For A National Championship
by Joel Hollingsworth

Reversing Apathy
by Will Shelton

Relative Pain
by Brian Cook

"Football Is Not Fun If You Lose. Period."
by Clay Travis

Still Sparkling At 90
by Matt Fisher

Farewell To The Man In The Arena
by Joel Hollingsworth

Phillip Fulmer's Legacy
by Will Shelton

Bios for each of the contributors is here. You should be able to divine the topic for most of those articles from the titles, but for the articles that are more ambiguously-named, there is clarification after the jump.

  • Rucker's Cue the Quickening is an article comparing 2008-2009 Jonathan Crompton to 2005-2006 Erik Ainge.
  • Holly's The Agony and The Agony is the 2008 season review as only Holly can do it.
  • My Self-Inflicted Wounds is an analysis of the handful of plays that defined the 2008 season.
  • Chris Brown and Matt Hinton team up to provide some much-needed detail on Lane's offense and Monte's Tampa-2 defense.
  • John Pennington's Countering the Culture is a look at how the Tennessee football program has gotten to where it is right now and what Lane Kiffin needs to do to reverse the trend.
  • My Recruiting for a National Championship is me not learning not to play with numbers and making the case that recruiting is necessary, but not sufficient, to compete for national championships.
  • Will's Reversing Apathy is an article on the fan's role in the turn around.
  • MGoBrian's Relative Pain is a comparison of Michigan's first year under Rich Rodriguez last season to the way the table's set for Tennessee for its first year under a new head coach.
  • Clay's "Football is not fun if you lose. Period." is an interview with Josh McNeil.
  • Matt's Still Sparkling at 90 is a piece on the history of Neyland Stadium and its new face lift, with lots o pretty pics.
  • The last two articles from me and Will are in tribute to Fulmer.

In all, there's a lot of really good stuff in there that you won't want to miss. Pre-order now or find it on the shelves beginning on July 21.