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Jesse Scroggins can walk a mile on his hands

Today's must-read for Tennessee fans, especially in light of the report that QB prospect Jake Heaps is headed to BYU, is Bruce Feldman's excellent in-depth piece on Jesse Scroggins. Highlights include:

  • Feldman met the QB prospect when Scroggins was proving to be the brightest star among several at a Nike camp at USC awhile ago. Scroggins's national desirability factor has grown significantly since then.
  • His dad explained to Bruce some of the more unique, budget-friendly training methods he used to develop Jesse into a highly touted recruit, including doing mile-long wheelbarrow walks (because of an observation from watching National Geographic that humans' upper bodies get weak when we learn to walk) and putting up seven different-colored t-shirts on a fence and calling out a color to Jesse as he was dropping back.
  • After the Nike camp was over, Jesse split the uprights from the opposite 40-yard line.
  • "The kid also comes across as polite, well-spoken and affable. He didn't seem to have the arrogance one might expect from some anointed blue-chipper."
  • Scroggins is soon heading to Florida, to Tennessee, and to USC for camps.
  • The biggest factors in choosing a school? (1) depth chart (woo for us!); (2) the program's stability (umm, we keep coaches for 17 years at a time!); (3) he wants to go somewhere "the environment will push him." (from all accounts, we have that).
  • Scroggins plans to enroll early and get a jump on things at the collegiate level.
  • Go read the whole thing. With Heaps reportedly off the table, Scroggins may be the priority for UT's coaches.