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Things I learned at lunch: WOW edition

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Ran out of time this morning, so Talking Points devolves into a simple lunchtime dump of the notebook:

Tennessee football

  • - The Sporting Blog
    Adam Jacobi's and LSUFreek's take on Kiffin's latest secondary violation.

  • The Tennessee Vols want You and You and You! | Blog

    Proving that uncoventional is his conventional, Lane Kiffin has ordered his staff to go out and get players and they have done that. Tennessee has issued an ungodly amount of offers to the tune of 187.
    Um, WOW.


  • More On the Number of Tennessee Football Offers for 2010 | Blog
    Baselines for the above (thanks!): has Tennessee only listed for 114 offers (a number that can change on a daily basis). Where does this stand against other schools? I checked it against the Top 10 teams in last year’s final BCS poll as well as some other notable schools and programs that I personally know have been very busy this offseason. Going by Scout’s numbers, the closest team to Tennessee is Alabama which has 90 offers out there followed closely by their nemesis and SEC combatant Florida (86) and West Virginia (86). This means that Tennessee has 24 more offers out there than the next closest team (or at least one that I could find).
    A little less wow, but still . . . .


  • Tennessee basketball

    Lady Vols