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Talking Points: Eighth grader Evan Berry speaks, world goes crazy

Tennessee football

  • On interpreting the comments of eighth graders. That whole Evan Berry committing to Tennessee thing? Over-eager reporter. The reporter saw him at a track meet, found out that he was Eric Berry's brother, and asked him about Tennessee. Evan answered "a follow up question" by saying he was "committed" to Tennessee. (Evan and Elliott, by the way, are rising eighth graders, not ninth, as was originally reported.) My eighth grader is "committed" to her pony and computer games, just for context.

    Still, he's a Berry, and on the premise that a Berry doesn't fall far from the bush, not everyone thinks offering a kid way early based solely on genetics is a bad idea.
  • Lane Kiffin: he may now be moving mountains, but skinning smoke wagons? No:

    HT: Orson.

Tennessee basketball