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Talking Points: Tennessee to remove names from jerseys?


Tennessee football

  • Where the jerseys have no name. In his make-UT's-jersey submission, the possibility of jettisoning the names from the jerseys this season. I think that's actually a probability, as, if I remember correctly, there were no names on the jerseys for the spring games. I've made mental notes about the absence of names on jerseys to myself several times since spring. Emphasis on "mental," which is precisely why I've completely forgotten about it until now. But yeah, no names, I think, and that's a good thing to use to counter the potential negatives of promoting the program as a pipeline to the NFL.

  • I like me. Wes Rucker has a feature on little-known QB coach David Reaves. For anyone wondering how Reaves fits in with the Kiffin Chimera, perhaps this will shed some light on it:

    "David is a young guy, but like me he's been around football at a high level his whole life," Kiffin said.

    Reaves may end up being the best guy on the staff for all we know, but the hire may have some element of self-affirmation for Kiffin, no?
  • So this is what it's like. This, from Clay:

    Observations: (1) They're back there for a long time just waiting. (2) As close as they are to the band, the crowd noise dominates except for a rat-a-rat and a blat here and there. (3) Extremely cool.

Tennessee basketball

  • Sign this guy already. Chris Lofton scored 21 points (16 in the second quarter) in his most recent game with Boston's Summer League. We all know he can do it, but the NBA is slowly finding out. Here's hoping they're not too slow.