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Around the SB Nation: Utah can, in fact, do more

  • Utah says that there is nothing it can do to better its chances to compete for the national championship. Team Speed Kills begs to differ. As a fan of a team from a major conference, you need this information.
  • Michigan State blog The Only Colors takes the, uh, opportunity presented by a slow-news July to design a completely overhauled college football system that includes conference realignment, relegation of a couple of teams to a lower division, mandated conference scheduling, and an eight-team playoff.
  • The Rivalry, Esq. has several helpful tips on how to survive July, including learning the history of your team (check), re-watching your favorite games from the 2008 season (um, check!), studying your team's depth chart (put that on the to-do list), and trying out a new tailgating recipe (that, too).
  • Congratulations to Black Shoe Diaries and Black Heart Gold Pants, both of whom have been interviewed by the Big 10 network.