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Summer Reading: Did You Know About The Other Kiffin?

Perusing the internet for news and information this afternoon, I ran across an article by Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald.  Before I go on, I must admit my shame in not even realizing that Lane Kiffin had a younger brother; for some reason, the concept never crossed my mind.  But the story of Chris Kiffin is absolutely fascinating.  At 27 years old, Chris is a part of the coaching staff for Bo Pelini and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Click here to open the article in a new window.

This family just gets more and more interesting with each new piece of information.  The biography piece lays out a lot of the connections and interactions that both boys had while growing up as sons of Monte.  In the article, you find out:

  • what kinds of experiences the son of an NFL coach gets while growing up.
  • how Ed Orgeron helped him overcome a drinking problem that could have ended his career.
  • how his football instincts helped a team of 10-year olds overcome an unstoppable opponent.
  • why Lane and Monte won't be in Tennessee next weekend.  (Hint:  Woo! for Chris!)

It's an article worth enjoying.